Sassy Spoon cares about where your food comes from and how it makes you feel.

Sassy Spoon was created in 2012 as a food truck serving up gluten-free fare in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.

After three years of driving around in a bright pink truck, Sassy Spoon moved into a brick and mortar location in the Nokomis neighborhood and created a special community with our customers and our staff.

In the summer of 2023, Sassy morphed into Sassy Bake Shoppe and served gluten-free baked goods at local farmers markets.

Today, Sassy Spoon To-Go is offering classic favs such as miso braised pork, chicken shawarma, chocolate chunk cookies, and more!. All items are gluten-free and all meat is locally sourced.

For your convenience, all items are frozen for you to enjoy at your leisure in the comfort of your own home!